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01_ Work with companies

Do you work with companies who are eligible to make R&D tax relief claims?
The chances are, you do.
With nearly £3.5bn of R&D tax relief being claimed by more than 39,000 UK businesses last year, your clients will almost certainly be among those who are eligible for the benefit.
Partnering with RDT Active for future claims could see benefits for both you and your clients.

02_ Why partner with RDT Active?

At RDT Active, we specialise in determining if businesses are eligible for R&D tax relief. It’s what we do day in, day out.
Our expertise enables us to determine if clients’ business activities qualify them for vital funding. We do this so successfully that we have a 100% claim acceptance record for those companies we’ve identified through our evaluation assessment.
Once we’ve determined if your clients have passed our initial eligibility assessment, we’ll advise and lead you through the whole claim process. Our thorough but straightforward approach means we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you, writing the technical reports and taking the lead on communicating with HMRC to ensure the process runs as quickly and smoothly as possible.
HMRC has recently become much more risk averse, with qualifying costs coming under more scrutiny than ever before. By working with a specialist firm, you can feel confident your client’s application is strong and able to withstand HMRC’s rigorous assessment process.

03_ Success Stories


% of successful claims submitted for our clients


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04_ Eligible for R&D tax relief?

How do I know if my clients are eligible for R&D tax relief?
Any company, in any industry, is able to qualify for R&D tax credits. If your clients create new products, processes or services that seek to research or develop an advance in their field, they can claim R&D relief. It can even be claimed on unsuccessful projects.
HMRC’s definition of what counts as R&D is deliberately broad. That’s great news! But it sometimes means that businesses struggle to identify whether the nature of their work falls within the definition.
Our experience tells us that R&D can be found in any sector, in businesses of any size and sometimes in the most unlikely of places. If your clients employ skilled or technical staff, operate in a specialist, regulated or niche market, and take on challenging projects that involve risk of an unknown result, there is a good chance they do.

05_ The benefits of partnering with us

We want to help more clients benefit from R&D tax relief and fuel their innovation. And we want to help you identify those clients who are missing out on important funding. By partnering with us, you will be able to:
  • Benefit from our technical experience working in this area
  • Add additional value to the work you do with clients, potentially opening the door for them to claims thousands of pounds of funding they didn’t know they were eligible for
  • Stand out from the crowd at a time of increased competition
  • Feel confident your clients’ claims will be processed smoothly, efficiently and successfully

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